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Carpet Flooring in Mississauga, Ontario

Carpet is perfect for adding style and comfort to your home or business, and we at Designer's Carpet in Mississauga, Ontario, are your local carpet store and experts. We offer a quality selection of carpets in addition to services you will not find anywhere else. Our experts know flooring, and we can help you find a new carpet that fits your lifestyle, interior design goals, and budget.



Are There Different Types of Carpet?

Carpet continues to be a top choice in flooring among many homeowners. Carpet features unmatched style and comfort qualities that no other flooring has been able to replicate. It is durable and is available in options that are resistant to staining, fade, and wear. When shopping for carpet, you will find various carpet pile types and fibres. For instance, we have high, medium, and low pile carpet options that can affect how the carpet handles activity and shows traffic patterns. If you need carpet for a small area, such as a closet or hallway, be sure to ask us about carpet remnants. Carpet remnants are the end pieces of our industrial carpet rolls, and we offer them at a discounted price.



Why Are Carpet Fibres Important?

One of the most important features to consider is carpet fibre. Some carpet fibres are soft and stylish for your home, while others are more rugged for high-traffic areas. Finding the right fibre that fits your lifestyle is essential to . What Are the Different Types of Carpet Fibres?


Nylon carpet fibre is durable and resilient, and it can handle most spills and stains. Polyester carpet will resist fading, and it also is built to handle stains. Triexta carpet is a relatively new type that offers premium resistance. Wool carpet is made from natural sheep wool and is naturally stain-resistant. Olefin is valued in the carpeting industry as a wool alternative thanks to its wool-like appearance and affordability.



Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

Carpet is a great choice for lots of rooms in the home, but key features about different carpets can make them better suited for certain rooms. Carpets that feature stain, wear, and fade-resistant technologies are ideal for households with active families and commercial spaces. This is also the best carpet for stairs. Flooring companies now make their products more durable than ever, so your new carpet can handle high-traffic areas.


Carpet tiles, which can be individually replaced, are also ideal for businesses. Plush and soft carpets are suitable for areas that you want to make warm and inviting, like bedrooms and children's playrooms. Places to avoid carpet installation include rooms with a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Most carpets absorb moisture, leading to mould and mildew growth. Even with waterproof carpet options, always avoid these spaces if possible.



Is There Quality Carpet Near Me?

Yup, right here at Designer’s Carpet. We offer premium carpet and flooring, including many of the best carpet brands on the market, such as Stanton and Beaulieu Carpet which offer some of the most stylish carpets on the market. We even offer Carpet One exclusive brands you won’t find anywhere else. Our new flooring inventory consists of an array of modern carpet designs and styles, and our experienced team will walk you through the latest carpet colours and trends. Whether you're working on a home carpet replacement or need to find a fresh and professional-looking office carpet, we have an option that will be perfect for you.



Can Designer’s Carpet Help Me Find the Best Carpet?

Yes! As your locally owned flooring store, we are here to offer you the best selection of carpet in Mississauga, ON. Finding the perfect carpet that fits both your vision and lifestyle can be stressful, but when you choose to shop with us all your stress will melt away. You see, unlike big box stores the sale isn’t the most important part, your happiness is.


Our flooring experts will help narrow down the type of carpet you need based on your lifestyle and budget, as well as find the perfect warranty for you. We also have an impressive inventory of different kinds of carpet, including stain-resistant flooring options, perfect for a family that needs pet-friendly flooring. We even have waterproof carpets that will protect your carpet pad and subfloor from spills and accidents.


As a part of the Carpet One cooperative, we have the buying power of over 1,000 stores and can provide you with quality brands at a great value. If you are looking to replace the old carpet in your home or add comfort with a new carpet to an old room, we have you and your home covered. We even offer custom services like custom stair runners and carpeted stairs. To learn more and to see our latest carpet deals, plan a visit to our showroom today. Can’t wait? Start browsing our carpet selection online now!



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How Do I Clean Carpet?


Cleaning your carpet does not have to be a major chore! With a few simple cleaning tips, you can take back more time in your day to enjoy doing things you love instead of cleaning.




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